Buff Bay

Bay/ Town

This town lies between Annotto Bay and Port Antonio on the north coast highway. Buff Bay is the capital of the former parish of St. George. St George was absorbed into Portland in 1867 when the number of parishes in Jamaica was reduced from 22 to 14.


Today, Buff Bay is a small, quiet town which is mostly frequented by coffee and banana farmers from the fertile lands surrounding the Buff Bay River and the Blue Mountains. The most striking building in Buff Bay is the Georgian style Anglican Church, this was formerly St. George's Parish Church (when the parish St. George was in existence). The Church was originally a wooden building, constructed in 1750. However, this sustained serious damage from an earthquake in 1813 and was reconstructed from cut stone. Another striking building in Buff Bay is the courthouse which once had a workhouse in the backyard and a dungeon to hold prisoners.

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