The Rio Grande Valley

River/Rain Forest

From an elevation of 3,000 feet in the Blue Mountains nestled along the Rio Grande River and the Back and Stony Rivers, this gorge lies between that range and the John Crow Mountains with mainly banana fields crowding its banks. It is one of the lushest and most dramatic valleys that lie in the Caribbean. The valley has vast eco-tourism attractions including magnificent waterfalls, glaringly lush vegetation, roaring rivers, and glorious tropical rainforests. There are many hiking trails which lead to places like Scatter Waterfalls, Fox's Caves, Moore Town, Nanny Town and Corn Puss Gap. This valley is home to many endemic bird species as well as the giant swallowtail butterfly, the largest in the western hemisphere can be spotted in some of these areas.

The valley was once home to the Windwards Maroons who fiercely fought with the British for freedom from enslavement. Now, their descendants live, work and carry on cultural practices, medicine, and rituals

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