Lime Tree Farm

Farm/ Coffee

Lime Tree Farm is an environmentally friendly coffee farm set in 10 acres at the heart of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. As well as growing coffee, Lime Tree Farm provides a wonderful opportunity to see the real beauty of Jamaica.


For those looking for activities in the Blue Mountains, enjoy fresh air and rambling there are wonderful local mountain trails to be followed, enjoying Jamaica’s most prized natural treasures -its 3000 flowering species, 100s of orchids and nearly 600 types of ferns along with the myriad species of birds endemic to Jamaica. It also offers a guided day hike to the summit of Blue Mountain Peak allowing visitors to gaze across to Cuba just 90 miles away. There is also tours of Lime Tree coffee farm where visitors can watch or join the cherry red coffee beans being picked and follow the process through to coffee roasting and have a drink of the freshly roasted coffee.

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