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Rafting on the Rio Grande


Did you know that the Rio Grande River is one of Jamaica’s largest rivers and has been used to transport bananas from the interior of the island for many years? The pursuit was popularised by Errol Flynn who used to challenge his guests to moonlight rafting races along the Rio Grande.

Bamboo rafting in Jamaica originated on the Rio Grande, a river in Port Antonio area. Although it’s not exactly adventurous, it’s a tame and safe outing, rafting the Rio Grande is the best rafting experience on the island and the most fun. The ride takes about two to three hours, depending on your entry point, the speed of the river and strength of your boatman.

Aboard a 20ft bamboo river raft, 2 people can be seated on a little-elevated platform at the rear of the raft whilst the guide stands at the front guiding the craft down the river using a pole. The river is clear and clean and you will see herons, egrets, turkey vultures, and schools of fish.

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