The Blue Lagoon


Did you know that the Blue Lagoon is Portlands best natural attraction? The site was originally called The Blue Hole, however, after the success of the 1980 Brooke Shields film The Blue Lagoon which was filmed there, the site was renamed “The Blue Lagoon”.

It features a mystical and strikingly spectacular, turquoise colored water (changing throughout the day to a deeper sapphire or even royal blue) surrounded by steep hillsides and dense green vegetation. Some claim it to be “bottomless”, but experts proclaim it to be about 200 feet at its deepest point. The lagoon is a mixture of freshwater and saltwater as it is open to the sea and fed by underground freshwater spring; the surface of the lagoon meets the surface of the Caribbean Sea.The Blue Lagoon was also once home to the famous writer Robin Moore, who wrote the French Connection throughout the time he lived here.

The local tour guides offer;
1.water skiing
2. snorkeling
3. scuba diving
4. rafting, bottom boat rides
Visitors can enjoy the waters, hear the history and enchanting stories behind this amazing natural attraction.

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