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Fort George


Would you like to take your mother back in time to when the Spaniards, British, and the maroons roamed Portland? Well, you can when you take her to Fort George, it is located in the Titchfield peninsula in the beautiful parish of Portland Jamaica.

It was built it 1729 and was designed as a smaller version of the Citadel with ten feet thick walls to hold 22 guns and several George lll cannons. It Was a training base and supply depot for the British Navy. Fort George was built by Christian Lilly as a source defense against foreign invasion and also to deal with the Maroons in the area. This area had a very large population of freedom fighters.

Tacky led an insurgency known as the Tacky rebellion against the British, it lasted for 5 months. It was given the name Fort George, in honor of King George the ruler of Great Britain. Now Fort George is housed in classrooms for the Titchfield High School. There are many historical sites you can take your mother to in Portland.

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