Bay View Eco Resort & Spa, Jamaica

Come stay at the eco resort Jamaica has left its natural mark on!

Eco Hotel: Jamaica Holiday the Natural Way

If you desire a true natural Jamaica holiday, visit the eco hotel Jamaica that the world can’t get enough of. People from around the world have enjoyed Bay View Eco Resort & Spa. Guests love the true Jamaican feel of our hotel, and we hope you will too.

We may be small, but that is part of how we stay sustainable. From our food and water, to how we cool and power the resort, we look for ways to be in harmony with the environment. The result is an authentic and eco-friendly time of renewal for our guests.

Once you arrive, you will experience for yourself how we live close to nature and revel in the natural world around us. The Caribbean Sea, the tropical forest, the nearby Blue Mountains National Park and Blue Lagoon, and our island’s waterfalls all reveal the splendor of the environment. We strive to be the eco hotel Jamaica travelers come back to again and again.


Welcome to where all your dreams come alive -- Bay View Eco Resort & Spa! On the northern shore of Jamaica, Bay View Eco Resort just might be the most relaxing, best-kept secret eco resort Jamaica has. What makes our resort so special?

Bay View Eco Resort overlooks the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Right from the resort, you can see the sunshine shimmer on Turtle Crawl Bay (also called Turtle Harbour). You are never far from the sea.

The lush tropical forest surrounds you as you enjoy our spectacular Jamaican eco retreat. Bay View Eco Resort & Spa is enveloped by 12 hectares (30 acres) of natural foliage. Guests say they enjoy seeing and listening to the birds that live here.

Other aspects of our eco-friendly resort include solar energy and inverter air conditioners. Natural springs provide our water. Plus, we grow most of the fruits and vegetables served in our on-site restaurant -- giving you a farm-to-table experience.