The Tranquil Spa Jamaica Travelers Love

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If you are looking for a resort with a spa Jamaica style, come be pampered at Bay View Eco Resort & Spa. Our tranquil Caribbean spa atmosphere will lull you into a sense of calm and balance.

You can choose from an array of soothing spa treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Luxuriate in a Swedish massage, chocolate body scrub, and classic pedicure. Select a bamboo breeze or butterfly facial for the ultimate in serenity.

Your Jamaica vacation should be rejuvenating. Imagine waking up to a view of the spectacular Caribbean Sea, enjoying a nourishing breakfast, and then easing into your day by getting spoiled at our beautiful island spa. Your senses will be infused with a tropical vibe.

We want to be everything you look for in a spa Jamaica vacation. Come renew yourself -- mind, body, and spirit.

East Coast Jamaica Resort

Bay View Eco Resort & Spa is an east coast Jamaica resort located in Port Antonio. The city is known for its Victorian architecture. Visitors like to go to Folly Point, where ruins and a lighthouse stand within view of the sea. They also like to take a boat tour of nearby undeveloped Navy Island.

Port Antonio is the capital of Portland Parish. This area holds several of Jamaica’s natural wonders. Here you can hike the beautiful Blue Mountains (where the world’s best coffee grows), take a raft tour of the Rio Grande River, explore caves, and swim in fantastic Reach Falls. And let’s not forget the white-sand beaches of the warm Caribbean Sea.

While our special corner of the island may not get as many tourists, that’s exactly why an east coast Jamaica resort like Bay View Eco Resort and Spa is the perfect place for your holiday.

Choosing our east coast Jamaica resort means you’ll be close to the beach and numerous other places to explore.